o   Small components fit through doorways :

Haase energy tanks are delivered in manageable individual components and assembled on-site. Narrow doors or stairs are less of a problem due to use of light weight materials.

o   Various equipment packages: 

your custom needs can be specified, such as corrugated stainless steel tube heat exchangers, or a multi-layer heat storage zones and / or a buffer tank design. Many combinations are possible, enabling flexible system designs (see equipment variations).

o   Optimal space efficiency:

energy tank diameters range from 4.25’ to 46’ wide, and heights from 4.25’ to 40’ tall, so you can adapt to many space requirements (see technical information).

o   Broad application range:  

we successfully store thermal energy from solar systems, solid fuel boilers, oil or gas boilers, waste heat, heat pumps, and bio-gas facilities.  We can also be used as a cold storage unit.

o   Various installation possibilities: 

using a fiberglass UV resistant jacket, the energy tank can be used outdoors.

o   Advantages of using fiberglass:  

glass-fiber reinforced plastic is corrosion-free, durable, light-weight and has good insulation properties.

Easy through every door

The Haase Energy Tank fits through most small spaces and is assembled onsite by Haase-approved installers.  Our accommodating installation opens up many options for our customers.  Other tanks often require building renovation, more installation time, and smaller, less efficient tanks.  Our Haase Energy Tank gives you better options.  We offer tank sizes from 345 to 25,000 gallons, and we can get them into most spaces.


Haase Design

The Haase Energy Tank’s unique model of modular construction and its superior energy conservation make it the most sensible choice for cost-effective energy creation and storage.

Our Tank is a pressure-free tank with internal heat exchangers made from high-grade steel corrugated pipe.  The tank’s interior wall is prefabricated using fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and wrapped in 6-10” of fiberglass insulation for maximum heat retention.  A final PVC outer shell completes the tank.

Delivered in individual parts and assembled on site, our flexible design allows for larger tanks to be installed in areas not normally accessible.  This ensures optimum usage of available space, which increases your cost efficiency.

For maximum versatility, the Haase Energy Tank is designed to work with virtually any heating system or heat source, including: solar collectors, solid fuel burners, oil burners, heat pumps and block-type thermal power stations.


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