Haase Tank installed in a 63-unit building in San Francisco

The Chinatown Community Development Center (CDC) hired SunWater Solar to design and install a solar hot water system to provide domestic hot water for a 63-unit building in San Francisco. It uses a 1000 Gallon Haase Solar Storage Tank.


Haase Tank installed at the Hill ‘n Dale Townhomes in San Diego

At the Hill ‘n Dale Townhomes in San Diego, solar hot wa- ter systems had been installed in the late 70’s, and were near the end of their useful life. It was a no-brainer for the board members to vote on implementing a new system, using a 1200 Gallon Haase Energy solar storage tanks are un-pressurized fiberglass rein-forced plastic. Modern materials eliminate rust and corrosion problems common with steel tanks, and extend the life of the system. Reducing gas consumption by approximately 65% on an annual basis.


Haase Tank installed at Sunset Magazine Idea Home Monterey, CA.

Independent Energy Systems installed this 940 Gal. Haase Energy Tank (T417-37) for the Sunset Magazine Idea Home series at the upscale Monterra community in Monterey, CA.

The Haase Energy Tank, for his 6800 square foot 5 bedroom/bathroom home, is being heated via 15 Schueco Premium H Collectors, it will handle the DHW and underfloor heating for this home.


Cantabria Condominiums

The Cantabria Condominiums enabled an excellent opportunity for a Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water System retrofit. Built in the 1970s, the 184 unit complex has a central Hot Water Heating system with recirculation around a large development. Adroit installed a 190kW thermal solar system and a significant building to house the Haase Energy Storage Tanks, pumps and controls as well as the existing Hot Water Heating System.The Cantabria Home Owners Association borrowed the money out of their reserves at will pay it back out of the energy savings at a projected Internal Rate of Return of 15%+.